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Gym Floor

Gym Floor

The floors in the gym are very essential because individuals drop weights, run, jump, etc., and it is the floors that take the beating thus, it is always advised to have good flooring to protect the equipment. While designing the Gravitaz, we have taken care of getting a top-notch gym floor so that it never creates a hindrance while you are working out.

The safety of the clients who have believed in us with all their minds and heart that this is the gym where you are going to get your transformed body is our duty to make sure that youre safe, and that is why we have installed proper flooring so that no problems ever occur. Through heavy exertion, lifting, pulling, pushing, jumping, and stretching throughout your training, maintaining a perfect gym floor is our highest priority and we have taken care of it. One of the reasons why we care about the gym floor is because its appealing for the members and potential members of the gym to look at.

A clean look and making it look like a professional is what perfect gym flooring does for a gym, and we have taken good care of it. It is aesthetically pleasing to make sure that whenever you enter the gym, you feel the positive atmosphere of the gym and are excited to work out. Good flooring also means that its easy to maintain, and we would never let the work of the floor come in the way of your workouts. The coating of the floor can be damaged by dirt from shoes and sweat from some of the gym members, making it slippery and dangerous so we make sure that before closing the gym, proper vacuum and cleaning of the floors is done including in the weight rooms, cardio areas, and halls. It has been advised that soft, resilient floor materials like rubber and vinyl, as well as wood with built-in acoustics, absorb sound and reduce noise. This stops noises from traveling through the building's quieter zones and disrupts the calmer, more comfortable mood.

When it comes to gym mats for fitness and exercise, hygiene for us is essential as we mentioned before, especially during a pandemic. Rubber flooring, vinyl flooring, and wood flooring are the best choices for areas with high traffic, gym equipment, or higher amounts of surface filth and body fat. This flooring also makes the cleaning and stain resistance of the surface easy for our helpers as it can be wiped or mopped clean and dirt and odors are not absorbed into the floor's fibers.

It's worth noting that all of the gym's zones are thoroughly investigated in terms of their intended use to find the ideal material for boosting the user experience while assuring optimum safety, cleanliness, and cost-effective maintenance.

Spa Section- steam shower/ separate for men & women

There is no doubt in the fact that we all live stressful, hectic lives where our minds are constantly working on how to crack a deal or how to excel at work or how to get good grades, how to get a job, etc. But the gym is the only place where you feel at peace since working out helps in relieving the stress and all the anxious thoughts that keep running in your head.

Apart from working out, spa treatments have also become one of the most common ways for people to relieve stress, take care of their bodies and simply relax for a while. Spas work for your physical and mental health, which is why at Gravitaz we have specifically created a place that is quiet, peaceful, and perfect for you to rest after youre done with your workout.

The Spa Section at Gravitaz has a steam shower separate for both men and women so that both of them can release the stress of their bodies even after a successful and sweaty workout. According to studies, people do like to avoid going to steam showers or steam rooms post-workout, but you should consider going for the following reasons:

Relieve tired muscles: Going to the steam room is going to help you relieve those tired muscles that could exist after working out. It is no news that heat therapy has been effective to soothe sore muscles. Steam rooms have proven to help people recover from strength and endurance training.

Relaxation: After a hectic day and some exercise, making your way into the steam room or shower could be a great idea as it tends to make your body and mind relax as the atmosphere puts you into a deep meditative zone, which is very helpful.

Lose weight: Confused? Yep. But steam rooms and showers can help in losing weight. Maybe compared to less than what workouts and proper nutrition would do, but steam showers help. The loss is generally from the fluids, so make sure to drink a lot of water or fluid after your workout and before and after visiting the steam room.

Healthy Skin: Okay, lets be honest, everyone wants to look their best, right? So a steam room or shower helps in benefiting the skincare routine, especially after workouts. The heat or steam in the room or shower tends to cleanse the pores and increase blood flow and circulation of the blood, which is why it is recommended to use steam showers or steam rooms in the gym. It helps in opening the sinuses as well, which helps you breathe more clearly.

Please note that do not entertain yourself in the steam room or shower for more than 30 minutes and just in case you ever feel any sort of discomfort, please step outside. At Gravitaz, the spa section is sanitized and cleaned every day because we care about hygiene as our top priority, and all the towels and napkins are washed at the end of the day before they are kept for use. Make sure to hydrate yourself a lot while stepping into the shower or steam room.