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Progressive Programs

Progressive Programs

Progressive programs are strength-training regimens that are meant to gradually increase the difficulty of workouts, putting a lot of stress on your musculoskeletal and neural systems. This weightlifting progression can help you gain strength, encourage muscle growth, build endurance and prevent injuries.

It has been known that doing the same workout over and over again using the same amount of weight every time could result in stabilizing your body, which means you can easily lift the weight that was once difficult to lift without noticing the pain.

While getting your body plateauing is a positive sign, meaning that you have made some gains in your fitness journey, it could also mean that you need something to mix it up. By changing weights in your workout, you will be able to keep your muscles challenged and will get stronger.

According to a study, in progressive program training, when you increase the weight and number of reps of exercise, bicep strength and muscle growth in both men and women showed a large increase.

Ensure that progressive training takes place gradually and under the supervision of professionals as they are specifically trained within the bodybuilding regiment as it is dangerous and can cause injury. Gravitaz strength training routines are designed to help you gain strength, promote muscle growth and increase your endurance.

Deadlifts, bench presses, push-ups, bicep curls, and squats are some of the exercises included in these and you can add dumbbells, dumbbells, and bodyweight exercises to make the workout harder.

Our professionals who are trained and well equipped with the knowledge will monitor your movement, stance, and posture very closely and assist you if you face any difficulties or have any queries related to the workout plan.

Here are four principles of progressive programs or progressive overload training that you need to know:

  • Keep good form: Choose a weight that you can lift while keeping appropriate lifting form as you start strength training. Increase the difficulty of the workout only when you can move that weight with the appropriate module.
  • Change one thing at a time: To avoid any injuries, please make sure to change the difficulty of a lift one aspect at a time.
  • Focus on reps and sets: Always focus on how many repetitions and sets. Before adding weight, make sure you can move your current weight for the number of reps and sets. You can gradually decrease your rest period as well which helps your body in increasing metabolic efficiency and use fat as energy to fuel your workout
  • Log your workouts: It has been advised by professionals that you should always keep a track of your workouts so that you can remember what weights, how many reps, and sets you to do in a week. This will help you in determining what to change in the coming week.

We would advise you to visit your physician or contact our in-house physician before beginning the program. They will not only guide you properly about the program but also help with other queries if you have any.