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Hygienic Atmosphere - Gravitaz Gym

Hygienic Atmosphere - Gravitaz Gym

The equipment's look and durability also decrease if you do not get it cleaned every day and it is unhygienic to let the sweat of so many living on machines that are quite expensive and cannot be replaced within hours if damaged. At Gravitaz, we take the safety of our employees, trainers, counselors, and customers very seriously. Maintaining a hygienic environment is a top priority for us so we have provided our gym with sanitary flooring in mind, such as putting ventilators and humidifiers to increase air quality and sanitizers and solutions to clean the equipment.

We have a tight cleaning schedule where the cleaning staff takes care of the cleanliness of the gymnasium which includes changing rooms, changing rooms, staff workstations, reception, etc. We prefer to constantly educate our staff about how much safety and hygiene are crucial not only for them but for everyone present at the gym.

We understand the need of having a hygienic atmosphere, especially at the gym which is why at Gravitaz, we tend to educate our clients (you) about maintaining a hygienic atmosphere at the gym as well. Along with getting the gymnasium cleaned, one of the things that we look into is keeping the odor of the gym refreshing and thus we use a steam cleaner that kills away from the bad smell instantly. Nobody likes to work out in a gym with a bad odor and since everyone is here to sweat their calories out, we have to keep the air fresh and lively which tends to boost you while you work out.

A few things the as a client one could do to maintain the hygienic atmosphere at the gym:

  • Wash your gym clothes regularly
  • Do not use someone else's towel in the gym
  • Wipe the equipment before and after use
  • Bring your mat for yoga or floor exercise purposes
  • Please try to stay at home if you're sick

It is known that a clean and hygienic gym is loved by all so the clients would keep coming back to train at your gym along with bringing in some buddies to workout or train with which could be a part of mouth-to-mouth publicity. Regular cleaning of the gym kills away the bacteria and other harmful germs and people are now too worried about it since the pandemic thus, we do take care of the hygiene at our gym and we aim to maintain the best atmosphere throughout the day and help you to work a little more than you usually do.