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Strength Conditioning

Strength Conditioning

Weimar said, "The core muscles are important because they stabilize the center of the body so that the muscles of the appendicular skeleton can pull against a stable platform."

A core and strength workout is the center of every movement, and having a strong core is one of the things that you’d want to have in your body and it’s a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. Abdominal muscles, obliques, back, pelvic floor, spine, glutes, and diaphragm make up the core muscles. Balance and stability are also improved by having a strong core.

As a result, it can assist in the prevention of falls and injuries during sports and other activities.

At Gravitaz, we have core and strength conditioning classes, which are where you can work and walk a step closer to your goal, which is to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. Core conditioning focuses on training all the muscles mentioned above, and in Gravtiaz, our certified trainers assist you in strengthening your core with the exercises listed below.

  • Plank
  • Shoulder press on a Bosu ball
  • Arm and leg lifts on a ball
  • Leg raises
  • V hold

Here are the benefits of core and strength conditioning classes.

Posture: If you're not aware, weak core muscles can lead to bending, which is why many people suffer from low confidence since slouching leads to terrible posture, which is the root of low confidence.

Many people have poor posture while working on their laptop, computer, or even just gazing down at their phone screen. Having proper posture can also help you get the most out of the time you spend exercising. Certain core muscles can be activated by standing, sitting, and attaining yoga positions. This may improve posture over time.

Flexibility: It has been said that core and strength conditioning classes or exercises have proven to provide flexibility for individuals, which is why we recommend these classes for you. It’s known that the exercises in the regime target the core muscles and improve the movement and control the posture reaction.

Fitness goal: Core and strength conditioning classes or workouts help in getting the goals you have set for your body achieved. This proves that you’re committed and dedicated to making a significant change in your lifestyle to be more healthy and fit.

Balance and stability: Your core stabilizes your body, allowing you to move through any position or stand in one location without losing your balance, even on the bumpiest terrain. When seen in this light, core exercises can help you avoid falling.

Please remember that before you start training or taking up any of the classes, consult your physician and let them decide the pace and how much you can train, as they will review your medical history, lifestyle, etc. We also have a certified professional on board with us who can help you with understanding the change and keep a check on your progress. Overtraining the abdominal muscles while neglecting the back and hip muscles can result in injuries and a reduction in athletic ability.