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Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Since the pandemic forced everyone to stay in their homes and everyone started to refocus their mind and energy toward leading a healthy and fit lifestyle, yoga has played an essential part in that. Yoga is not all about the poses, but it’s about contemplative and self-disciplinary practices, such as meditation, chanting, mantra, prayer, breath work, ritual, and even selfless action.

At Gravtiaz, we have a perfectly suitable yoga studio where a certified yoga instructor not only teaches you yoga but also guides you to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle, which has been the goal of a lot of people nowadays.

Here are a few benefits that we have listed for you so that you could consider taking up a yoga class with our certified yoga instructor:

Flexibility: It is a known fact that yoga poses are designed to stretch your muscles, which helps you move better and feel less tired or worn out. It is a great workout that you can invest your time and mind in.

Body Image: One of the things that we have seen in recent times is how much people enjoy doing yoga, as it starts to show results after a few days and gives you so much confidence and a boost that you start feeling good about your body. Yoga tends to develop awareness and focus your attention on the capabilities of your body and helps to develop breathing and strength of mind and body. People who are into yoga are known to be less critical and more satisfied with their bodies, which should be the goal.

Weight Loss: People who are into yoga started to become mindful eaters as the body starts to focus attention on what you’re experiencing in the present moment. If you’re a mindful eater, you are more in tune with your body and may be more sensitive to hunger cues and feelings of fullness. This results in weight loss and keeps it maintained. A study mentioned that mindful eating helps in a positive relationship between food and eating, which is an added advantage of practicing yoga for you.

Cardiovascular benefits: Yoga has various benefits and one of them is cardiovascular benefits which means people who practice or practice yoga every day for 30 minutes start to notice positive effects from it as it helps lower their blood pressure and maintain a healthy balance. Yoga helps improve lipid profiles and reduce excessive blood sugar levels and is an excellent stress reliever.

At Gravtiaz, the certified yoga instructor works with you on a one-on-one basis to make sure that no injuries take place. They help you to understand the details of your body that a normal person would not. The trainer is not just someone who will teach you asanas and then leave you alone; they are trained to make you feel at ease in your new yogi lifestyle, which is an important step in your health and lifestyle transformation. You will learn how to heal your heart, mind, and body while practicing yoga, and there is nothing better than healing.