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Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

We understand that, at times, working out alone in the gym could be stressful and overwhelming. Yes, even in the gym, the one place where you come to relieve your stress can stress you out, especially when you’re just starting your fitness journey, but we have a solution for you; Group Fitness Classes.

At Gravitaz, Group Fitness Classes are curated keeping the people in mind and the trainers in mind that making you comfortable and at ease in the classes is the goal because that’s what you’re here for, right? The group fitness classes are super fun because you’d not only meet different people from different areas of the field, but you’d see them working at the same level as you, and sometimes you need to see someone like you to get that extra push and motivation to kickstart your fitness journey.

The Group Fitness Classes have proven to be one of the most fun parts of the gym workouts because there is just an ample amount of energy, enthusiasm, and motivation from the trainers, from peers, and within you to push yourself a little harder every day to keep doing your best. The batches are divided according to the people’s preference, so you can either opt for a large group or a small group depending upon your comfort level.

During group fitness classes, personal attention is given to every client to make sure that they have their posture and stances correct because in no way do the trainers want the people to have bad posture because that could lead to injuries and it’s just not the way we work at Gravitaz. There are a variety of challenges that you can overcome while working out in group fitness classes, as different people have different ideas, so constantly communicating and sharing views could help in changing and evolving your progress and does not make you bored.

An ample amount of motivation is provided in group fitness classes because everyone wants to do their best and people in gyms are usually more positive and enthusiastic compared to those who do not work out, so if you need that extra motivation, especially on days where it’s hard for you, get in that class and watch all your peers helping you out in the best way. It’s fun and the trainer keeps your progress in check, so focusing on the workout is a must.

Other than this, group fitness classes have proven to be a safe space for a lot of people, and people are excited to have a sort of support group where they can discuss their struggles, and day-to-day activities, and take suggestions on what they could change for their progress, etc. Along with just being there for each other, if one needs some extra support while going through something because at times, breakdowns happen and all you need is a shoulder to lean on, even in the gym.

Group fitness classes have shown impressive results, and that is why we highly recommend you take one of these classes once a week.